Collecting your Holiday Hires equipment at Malaga Airport.

Below are the various meeting points we use when delivering equipment at MALAGA AIRPORT.

Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport

Both Terminals 2 and 3 at Malaga Airport share the same exit through Arrivals.

We use the Andalucia Information Point to meet our customers. As you enter the arrivals hall The Andalucian Information Point is just after the barrier on the right hand side.

You would meet us here if your onward journey is by:

1. Private car (meeting friends/ relatives)

2. Taxi/ Transfer

Generally this will be where they will have arranged to meet you.

We can then accompany you to the vehicle if needed.

3. You have hired a car from an independent operator.

Do You have a HIRE CAR?

Hire companies at MALAGA AIRPORT are based in the TERMINAL and OFFSITE

1. If your hire company is OFFSITE then we will meet you at the address the hire company has given you.

2. If your hire company is in the AIRPORT TERMINAL then we will meet you at your car. When you are given the space then you will need to call or text us as we do not have acces to the area where the hire desks are situated.


Why should you hire a carseat from Holiday Hires on the Costa del Sol?

When you are driving in a new environment it is comforting to know that the car seat you have hired from Holiday Hires is a quality seat, clean, undamaged and correctly

Group 0+,1 Car Seat

Group 0+,1 Car Seat


1. You are guaranteed your seat. This might sound strange but not all Car Hire Companies Guarnatee to have the seat you requested available.

2. Cleanliness. Our Seats are cleaned and serviced after every hire. Again not something that every company does!!!!!!

3. Properly Fitted. We will fit the seats for you and ensure that the seat is the correct size for your child and that they are secure before you set off. Most companies do not help with the fitting of seats and rarely do they come with instructions.

4. Save Time. At Malaga Airport Terminal most companies keep their seats where you drop off your car, this means that you have to pack everyone in the car drive down, find a suitable seat and then fit it………….. or we meet you at your car fit the seat and you are on your way 🙂

5. Save Money. While we are not the cheapest we are certainly not the most expensive and we certainly feel that we give the best value for money.

Holiday Hires – 15 years on the Costa Del Sol

Holiday Hires started doing business on the Costa del Sol in 1997. S0 2012 marks our 15th year here.

As a thank you for all our customers past and present we are delighted to bring our 15-15-15 service.

To celebrate 15 years on the coast we are delighted to give a 15% discount on all orders over 15 euros (Offer not valid in conjunction with other discounts).