Why should you hire a carseat from Holiday Hires on the Costa del Sol?

When you are driving in a new environment it is comforting to know that the car seat you have hired from Holiday Hires is a quality seat, clean, undamaged and correctly

Group 0+,1 Car Seat

Group 0+,1 Car Seat


1. You are guaranteed your seat. This might sound strange but not all Car Hire Companies Guarnatee to have the seat you requested available.

2. Cleanliness. Our Seats are cleaned and serviced after every hire. Again not something that every company does!!!!!!

3. Properly Fitted. We will fit the seats for you and ensure that the seat is the correct size for your child and that they are secure before you set off. Most companies do not help with the fitting of seats and rarely do they come with instructions.

4. Save Time. At Malaga Airport Terminal most companies keep their seats where you drop off your car, this means that you have to pack everyone in the car drive down, find a suitable seat and then fit it………….. or we meet you at your car fit the seat and you are on your way 🙂

5. Save Money. While we are not the cheapest we are certainly not the most expensive and we certainly feel that we give the best value for money.


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