Frequently asked Questions;

We have made a list of our most frequently asked questions, if you need to know anything else please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us to find out more information.

When do we pay?
Upon arrival at your destination resort, once we have setup your equipment.  A deposit is also required for each item which is returned to you once we receive the item back in the same condition.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Unfortunately, we do not take cards at this stage.  Cash only.

Is VAT Included?
Yes VAT or IVA as it is known in Spain is included in all the prices.

Where do you deliver to?
Please see our delivery section in The How to Order page.

Do you do long term hire?
Yes, we can discuss each individual case.  Please send us an email or call with your request.

Can you help if I need to hire an item in other parts of Spain?
Yes, we have other partnered locations throughout Spain.

Can I purchase an item I hire from you?
Unfortunately not, our items are for hire but we can assist you in a purchase.

Can you help me to Hire another item not listed?
Depending on the item yes, please email or call with your request.

If I have a complaint what do I do?
First point of call please email the Director with your complaint and a response will be made in line with our best practise procedures.

Are your items covered by insurance?
Yes they are.  We have a public liability insurance to ensure health and safety issues are adhered to.


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